Online Degree In Digital Marketing

Pursuing an online marketing associate degree prepares students to work in various careers. Digital Marketing is a broad field, allowing graduates the freedom to choose almost any career. After completing an online marketing associate degree, graduates can go on to work as public relations coordinators, event coordinators, sales specialists, marketing assistants, and advertising coordinators. Organized individuals, self-starters, and people who thrive from variety may enjoy working in this growing field.

  • Entry Level: $33,000
  • Mid-Career: $41,000
  • Experienced: $53,000
  • Late Career: $47,000

Deciding where to pursue an associate in marketing online presents some challenges. With so many options, individuals should examine various factors to feel confident. Cost is crucial for most prospective students, so research tuition rates. Looking at in-state programs helps with this decision, as schools typically offer a more affordable tuition rate for in-state residents. Depending on flexibility, students may want to research the requirements for their online marketing associate degree and program length. Knowing the details and studying information carefully empowers students to make an informed decision.

When selecting an online marketing associate degree program, pay attention to a school’s accreditation. Accrediting bodies regularly assess schools and assure they provide a quality education. Reputable accrediting bodies include the Higher Learning Commission, Middle States Commission on Higher Education, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, and the New England Commission of Higher Education. To ensure these accrediting bodies maintain a high standard, The U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) perform quality checks and provide resources for finding approved accrediting bodies. Check out this list of  CHEA’s accrediting bodies

Online Coursework

Undergraduate students earning marketing degrees online learn how to sell and promote products and brands through courses that focus on communicating with and understanding audiences.

Some of the core courses that help students hone their marketing skills may include marketing research, marketing management, marketing strategy and sales.

Students also typically take additional business courses, such as economics, accounting and statistics.

Marketing isn’t just about advertisements and sales pitches. Students also need to understand the data side of the profession, which helps companies target their marketing efforts and measure success.

Classes covering analytics, statistics, finance and search engine optimization teach students how to use data to predict and evaluate the return on marketing efforts. This knowledge can offer a competitive advantage in the job market, as businesses plan to funnel more money toward analytics and social media over the next several years, according to The CMO Survey, which tracks marketing trends.

Marketing degree specializations

Some online marketing degree programs offer concentrations that allow students to specialize in a certain subset of the field. A social media or digital marketing concentration, for example, may focus on targeting and engaging with audiences online, preparing students for positions such as a social media strategist, SEO strategist or copywriter.

A student could also choose a marketing analytics track to learn more about market research methods and data-driven marketing tools, which stand out on a resume because they help companies better understand and predict consumer behavior.

A marketing management focus can prepare students for a range of marketing careers in product development, product and services promotions, pricing and consumer research.

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