Online Degree In Relationship Therapy

Couple’s therapy is no doubt a process that may leave you feeling vulnerbale, and many of us do not even realize what we are signing up for. For you to develop an understanding of who you are in a relationship and what you want, you need to read material that helps you with it. Read these three books with your partner to learn to empathize with each other.

By reading about your struggles in these books, you will gain perspective on the misunderstandings that happen in a relationship.

Self-awareness about relationships comes from dwelling and lookin inwards, and couple therapy books can help.

1.     Non-Violent Communication: A Language of Life by Marshall B. Rosenberg.

It is one of the most significant works that teaches you as a couple to adopt positive communication language. Conflict will come one way or the other, but it is your approach that leads towards resolution.

It is an easy book to read that gets to the point from page one. It takes you through developing positive communication in four steps. Firstly, it demands you to observe what is happening. Secondly, what are your feelings towards the issue at hand? Thirdly, what drives that feeling? Lastly, it asks its readers to ask for what they need in an explicit manner.

2.      Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work by John Gottman and Nan Silver.

It is a relationship goals book that highlights the science within relations. Gottman explains that there are seven principles for making your marriage work.

It guides you to be a better friend to your partner and yourself.  He tells readers not to find solutions for things that cannot be solved at all. Respect yourself and your partner by not stretching a relationship that you know has ended years ago.

After reading this book, you will have a fair idea about what a happy marriage should be like. Gottman’s wisdom in understanding relationship is surprising and refreshing.

3.     Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence, by Esther Perel

This is a well written degree that explores intimacy in any relationship. It goes to the deepest roots of an individual’s sexual desire and expands on many languages of love. Not only you will start seeing the needs of your partner, but you would want to respond to those as you realize the reason of their emergence.

This book wants you to address the issues in your relationship by understanding each other as two individuals with different needs. You will feel full of passion and love after reading this book. It is a book that puts emphasis on all aspects of a relationship.

When you read these books, there will be points when you will stop and wonder, cry or even start a fight with your partner. It is all part of the process. These books will help you in understanding the problems within your relationship from all angles.

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