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Find colleges with high acceptance rates offering cannabis industry degrees. fMedical marijuana is legal in 32 states in the United States of America. But the job of determining the dosage and usage requirements for each patient falls within the jurisdiction of medical marijuana consultants. If you wish to work as a medical marijuana consultant/expert in a company or a pharmacy, you must be certified at a recognized university. CBD Doctors college is a recognized institution offering the Online Degree/Certificate in Medical Marijuana. Our course has been accredited by [accrediting body] and has been designed in-line with the guidelines and requirements of the Department of Education. We work with doctors, medical marijuana specialists and legal experts to update the coursework regularly.

For more information about the course, contact the admissions department at CBD Doctors College You can also download the application form here.

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Who is eligible to take up the course?

The Online Degree/Certificate in Medical Marijuana is suited for interested professionals who wish to receive formal education about medical marijuana. Students must be 18 years of age and must possess a high school degree or equivalent qualification in order to be eligible to take up the course. A graduate degree/diploma will be a plus. No prior training in drugs/pharmacology/botany/medicine is necessary to take up the course.

Certificate in Medical Marijuana

This Online Degree/Certificate in Medical Marijuana is designed to equip students with comprehensive knowledge about the medical marijuana industry. Special focus will be given to both the management of medical marijuana during growth and processing and also to prescription of marijuana as consultants.

This course is especially suited for doctors, therapists and alternative practitioners who wish to be certified in prescribing medical marijuana to their patients during treatment. The course follows a highly-streamlined structure where students will be introduced to the history of the CBD Oil industry, the advent of medical marijuana and potential uses for medical cannabis. Using a well-planned teaching pedagogy which involves theoretical course work, live Q&As and expert videos, our faculty will impart a wide range of concepts to students.

Students will also learn how to recognize their patients’ eligibility for medical marijuana. Fundamentals of medicine and patient care will also be part of the course work. Students will also be taught about the legality of medical marijuana in other parts of the US and the world, allowing them to make informed decisions as consultants in the future.

As part of the course, students will also learn how to prescribe the medical marijuana in combination with other medication. They will also be taught how to recognize marijuana dependence in patients and will be taught strategies to counsel and assist their patients in controlled and safe usage of the drug. There is also a chapter on alternative careers for those who are certified in medical marijuana.

Career opportunities after certification

In addition to marijuana consultants, a Degree/Certificate in Medical Marijuana allows students to take up a wide variety of roles like:

  • Educators/counselors
  • Certified pre-med/doctors/therapists/pharmacists
  • Security personnel
  • Quality Control professionals
  • Certified law/pre-law specialists

How will the classes be held?

Upon registration for the course, students will be provided log-in details for their personal student dashboards. Once they’re logged-in, students can access course materials, exam dates, library material and other course-related matter online. [ provides PDF textbooks, research papers, articles and other course-related matter to the students. This material will be available at all time under the degree tab. Live sessions of classes are in video form and students will be expected to attend these sessions and to fulfill the course requirements to earn credits. Absenteeism and non-completion of assignments will go towards the student’s evaluation during the final evaluation.

Schedules for classes examinations will be uploaded on the university website a few weeks prior to the date. Students can access this information through their dashboards. Students can even book their exam dates and times on the dashboard.

Course structure

Course fees

Online Degree/Certificate in Medical Marijuana is a 2 years course. The entire course fee costs [X]. Students can make payment either through cash or cheque to the admissions office. Take a look at the table below to a suitable financing option

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