guide to college internships

The Ultimate Guide to College Internships

Our Student’s Guide to Skillfully Locating, Bargaining and Accepting Internships

Hands up all those undergrads, college seniors, and graduate students, who right now would like to get some hands-on training just before launching their careers? (should be everyone)

Keep those arms lifted if you are a bit puzzled on how to become a student intern or how to compete for and land expert training programs? (should still be everyone)

And now keep those digits aimed high all those graduating students who wish to find out just how simple it is to locate dream internships or would like to realize the perks of intern programs for college students? (Everyone’s arms should be tired by now)

After years of studying, most college graduates believe that a great job is just around the corner. Yes, it is true that some people do find what exactly they want, career wise, right after their gradation party, but the reality for most is another story.

Internships are a great way for students to get their feet wet in the industry of their choice; make important contacts; and distinguish themselves from other grads who jumped into the job market without training.

Our complete guide to internships will give you the low down on internships, what they are and why they are so important.

Internships: Untangled and Put Into Plain English

Are all program internships the same?

Not at all! There are many different types of training programs out there; some are paid; some are not; some hire only during the summer; while others need somebody year round; there are even international student internship programs that just hire foreign exchange graduates who seek practical training.

I’m still in school, “Can I just intern during the summer?”

Certainly! College students who choose not to visit mom and dad during summer vacation can actually start their career education through pursuing an eight-to-twelve week program internship that combines with their studies. Most summer internships run from June to August and feature both full and part-time jobs.

I just put away my cap and gown, “What internships are available for me?”

College and Vocational School Internships

Internships are certainly not only for university students. Several training opportunities exist for community college graduates seeking some career education before transferring to a university; vocational school students who earned their associates degree can also pick up some expertise through interning in their related to their field of study.

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