Google Adwords Expert Certification

There are degree programs offered in digital marketing. One of the main sections in the program is learning Google adwords.

To officially become a certified Google Adwords expert, students must pass both the Advertising Fundamentals exam and one advanced-level exam. Everyone on the account management learning team has decided to take on the challenge to get individually certified.  Luckily we have five Google Adwords gurus to advise you, Adam and Dan, to answer our never-ending questions while studying.

To make studying easier, Google has set up a Google AdWords Certification Program Learning Center, where you can find tutoring for each Google Adword exam. Reading all the chapters (from start to finish) for each exam may be a bit time-consuming, but very worth it. I highly recommend the interactive e-learning lessons that are provided throughout the chapters. Most e-learning lessons have a quiz to test your knowledge before taking the actual exam.

The first test is 113 questions with 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete the exam. You must get an 85% on the first test, which cost $50, and you must pass the first exam before moving on to the advanced.  After passing the exams, you are certified for two years.  Don’t worry if you don’t pass the exam the first time: you can always retake it. However, you must renew the $50 fee each time.

Students may become a qualified individual or a qualified company within the Google Professional Certification program. To qualify for an Individual Certification, students must pass both the program Fundamentals exam and one of the three advanced exams.  Also, you must accept the program Terms and Conditions .  Also, there is no minimum spend requirement to be Individually Qualified.

Dan and Adam our advisors have already qualified the program for a Company Certification. To qualify for a Company Certification, a student must have managed at least a $10,000 spend over 90 days, starting the day the AdWords account is linked to the My Client Center. The company must have at least one individually qualified employee and accept the program Terms and Conditions.

The Google Partner Search tool helps potential advertisers find a Certified AdWords Professional. Potential clients enter their estimated budget, along with the type of help they need, then Google compiles a list of certified professionals. Students who have become Certified Partners receive a badge showing their qualification, while those who are Individually Qualified receive a certificate when they pass the necessary exams.

The Google Advertising Professionals Program has been replaced with the new Google AdWords Certification Program. With this change the qualification criteria has also altered.

With the Google Adwords Professionals certification program changing, We also have programs for current Google Advertising Professionals will have a 6 month grace period to meet the new criteria put forward to complete, in order for students to hold onto the certified status. During this grace period, everything will be the same as per normal.

For individual qualification under the new program, the criteria now are:

Individual Qualification

  • No spend requirement (the old criteria was $1,000 over 90 days)
  • Passing score on two exams: The Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam and one of the three advanced exams (the old criteria was Passing score on one exam)
  • Agree to Terms and Conditions

For company certification under the new program, the criteria now are:

Company Certification

  • $10,000 spend over 90 days (the old criteria was $100,000 over 90 days)
  • One individually qualified employee (the old criteria was Passing score on one exam)
  • Agree to Terms and Conditions

Under the old program of the Google Advertising Professional Exam, the required score to pass was 75%. Passing scores for the new Google Certified Partner exams are different for each exam. These are:

  • On the Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam, a passing score is 85%
  • On the Search Advertising Advanced Exam, a passing score is 80%
  • On the Reporting and Analysis Exam, a passing score is 70%

The new Fundamentals exam covers the basic concepts of AdWords advertising and the second compulsory exam is a choice of one of three exams: Search Advertising, Reporting and Analysis and Display Advertising. This allows you to specialise in certain areas that relate directly to your role in your workplace.

The Fundamentals exam consists of a little over 100 questions of different types and has a time limit of two hours.

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